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Roger Davey

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Thank you for stopping by.

If you are interested in fresh natural water and think it should be available to all at no premium whatsoever... then please use this forum to meet people in your area and form a community that will work together in finding natural springs and do the necessary work to put them back in use.

Natural Springs UK is here to aid in anyway we can... such as water testing, we have a solid partner
who has agreed charitable rates with us for analysing spring water on a regular basis. So we have become a central hub for water testing throughout the UK.

We can also give sound advice for safely tapping a spring, and in some cases, especially in areas where shale gas exploration is taking place, we will visit springs and talk with the community to help build a strong resistance that is based around protecting the local spring.

Our motto is.... EXPLORE & YOU WILL FIND! That's what we want you to do... so please visit our website and follow the simple instructions on how to find a spring in your locality.

We are available 7 days a week, there is a contact number on the website if you need advice, your more than welcome to call.

And please remember we run 100% from donations. For the water testing- an initial full spectrum test cost £120. The cost of this divided over the local community is no more than a few pounds each, maybe less. The tapping of a spring can cost anywhere between £50-£1000 or more... What we like to see is people with skills in the community coming forward and using them to create a wonderful collection point... a real meeting place!

As our funding grows we will allocate monies to pro active communities for the tapping and testing of springs, and within the next year, we are planning a journey throughout the country to tap 100 springs. it will be a great journey which will allow us to educate the people and arrange fund raising events, and generally spread the word.

Please join us on this wonderful journey, we hope to hear from you soon!

Good luck and many thanks to all who support us,
Roger Davey
Natural Springs UK

Malvern-Spring-600.jpgCollection Point at the Beautiful Malvern Spring.

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